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My Information

My Information

About Me

My QSL Information

My QSL Information

         Justicia 1998

    Also via Bureau.

    Available OQRS requests for bureau and direct hard copy QSL cards, using the below button.

    Prefered paper QSL cards.

    LoTW and eQSL optionally.

    SWL reports are welcome.

More details... (Please, read it!)  OQRS requests SWL reports 

My Activity Logs

My Activity Logs

    On line activity logs searching system.

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My Clubs and Associations

My Clubs and Associations

My QSLs Cards

My Activity Logs

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My Spots

More recent fifteen spots (of 2290 in total)

PP5AX CW5U  01/17/2016 23:47  14002.90 20    Tnx Dan, Gl  DXC  Brazil 
VE2WU CW5U  01/17/2016 23:36  14002.90 20    Cq 18db Cw (15 Wpm)  RBN  Canada 
WZ7I CW5U  01/10/2016 20:21  14003.00 20    Cq 13db Cw (13 Wpm)  RBN  USA 
K1TTT CW5U  01/03/2016 21:26  21003.00 15    Cq 11db Cw (13 Wpm)  RBN  USA 
K4XD CW5U  01/03/2016 21:26  21002.90 15    Cq 17db Cw (12 Wpm)  RBN  USA 
PJ2A CW5U  01/03/2016 21:25  21002.80 15    Cq 15db Cw (13 Wpm)  RBN  Curacao Is 
VE2WU CW5U  01/03/2016 21:25  21002.90 15    Cq 11db Cw (13 Wpm)  RBN  Canada 
K3LR CW5U  01/03/2016 21:24  21003.10 15    Cq 24db Cw (14 Wpm)  RBN  USA 
ET3AA CW5U  12/20/2015 21:46  28003.10 10    Cq 8db Cw (12 Wpm)  RBN  Ethiopia 
KØJPL CW5U  12/13/2015 22:44  28014.90 10    10 Meter Test  DXC  USA 
N7TR CW5U  12/13/2015 22:44  28014.90 10    Cw 13db Cw (14 Wpm)  RBN  USA 
WZ7I CW5U  11/22/2015 21:14  14002.90 20    Cq 20db Cw (12 Wpm)  RBN  USA 
K8ND CW5U  11/22/2015 21:13  14003.00 20    Cq 12db Cw (13 Wpm)  RBN  USA 
K3LR CW5U  11/22/2015 21:13  14003.10 20    Cq 18db Cw (13 Wpm)  RBN  USA 
KM3T CW5U  11/22/2015 21:13  14002.90 20    Cq 30db Cw (13 Wpm)  RBN  USA 
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My QSO Map


Contact Me

   Daniel M. Faccioli (CX1FU)
   P. O. Box 950,
   Email: cx1fu@cx1fu.uy
   Website: https://cx1fu.uy

Allways Paper QSL Card are prefered.

I confirm every QSO automatically at eQSL and LOTW. But, I think this are no real QSL, and I do this as a courtesy with the fellow hams that use them.

This is not a contradiction, since I certainly think, as many other radio amateurs, that the QSL is part of the QSO and its final courtesy. QSO never ends till the QSLs are exchanged. QSLs are a tradition in ham radio, and exchanging and preserving them is fun. SO even though I used electronic QSLing systems, the old-syle (but not 'old-fashion') printed hard copy cards, are very important to me to be exchanged at any initial contact on a new band, mode or QTH.

I confirm every paper QSL card received directly or via the bureau in the same way.

If you need my QSL Card, please say so during the QSO or writing me to my e-mail address (cx1fu@cx1fu.uy) and I will send it via the Bureau in advance of receive yours. You can also use OQRS (see bellow).

If you send to me directly your QSL cards (to P. O. Box 950, 11800-Montevideo, Uruguay) I will do so in return, but in this case my response could be very slow, since I will response them by myself in my spare time.

You can also request a hard copy QSL card using the OQRS system (provided by clublog.org). To do so follow this link. This is to request bureau cards, or direct ones (the first is free of charge, and the other contibutes directly via PayPal account with US$ 3.00 for mail expenses). Please, take note that when you request a bureau QSL Card with OQRS, I will expect to receive yours in the same way.

SWL reports are ever welcome...

There is a pleasure to receive and confirm them. If you sent your report (QSL or letter) I will send my QSL card in the same way.

Directs reports to my postal address don't need any contribution.

Please, include as many details about the reception, not only the minimum and required data (date, time, band/frequency, report).

You can use either the RS(T) or SINPO(SIO) as evaluating code, but please inform me about more than one call sign I worked, to prove that you heard my station and don't extract the information from a cluster or in this page online logs.

You can sent your report via regular mail, and also using my e-mail address (cx1fu@cx1fu.uy) or filling out the contact form at the end of this page.

In all cases don't forget to include your own postal address.

I also confirm every SWL report received via eQSL. In the same way I upload the data of every SWL report to LOTW, but only "valid" calls signs are accepted by the system.

OQRS (Online QSL Request System)

The OQRS (Online QSL Requests) system enables you to request my QSL cards from, paying for the mail expenses if you want receive it 'directly' (through the postal system) or otherwise to request it for free 'via bureau' (through the QSL bureaux).

The system offer you an online request method for paper QSL cards. Your QSL cards are automatically mailed to you or automatically sent through the QSL bureau.

The OQRS I'm using is available only to Club Log (https://clublog.org) users. For that, you will be asked to log to your Club Log account, or to create a free one. Please, enter your QSL request for all your QSOs only once.

To use the system, please began to fill with your call sign in the form below, and follows the instructions they will be appearing to you. And... please, take note that when you request a bureau QSL Card with OQRS, I will expect to receive yours in the same way. I don't sell or gift as a present my QSL Cards... I exchange and collect them.